Leaderhood & Parentship

Lessons from Shane’s Daughter About Leadership Development

June 06, 2023 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 35
Leaderhood & Parentship
Lessons from Shane’s Daughter About Leadership Development
Show Notes

#35 - This week is a very special episode because we are bringing on our first ever guest, Averie (one of Shane’s daughters!). We start out with Shane answering questions about leadership development from the workplace lens, and then flip to Averie’s thoughts around leadership development for teens. We discuss the importance of having a formal leadership training program, why you need to work on your EQ before you jump into a leadership role, how to nurture emerging leaders across the generations, and what teens want from the leadership figures and role models in their lives. 

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Show Notes:

  1. [00:35] Today is a special episode, here’s why. 
  2. [04:00] How we’re talking about leadership development today. 
  3. [07:00] The problem when the c-suite doesn’t see anyone on the team as a leadership fit. 
  4. [09:00] The common leadership development techniques that work. 
  5. [11:10] The critical importance of EQ training. 
  6. [14:00] Leadership itself is a skillset. 
  7. [16:35] Don’t do this if you want to develop leaders. 
  8. [18:50] How our Cognitive Colours influence how we respond to leadership development. 
  9. [22:00] Does our Colour benefit our leadership skills?
  10. [24:00] How to identify emerging leaders.
  11. [26:30] The 4  paradoxes of leadership. 
  12. [28:00] How to identify emerging leaders on digital platforms. 
  13. [30:30] How to make sure you're nurturing the leadership potential of different age groups. 
  14. [34:30] How to help new leaders avoid fears of failure. 
  15. [37:20] Was Averie always interested in leadership?
  16. [38:30] How the camp Averie attended shaped her perspective on leadership. 
  17. [41:50] The importance of prioritizing self-care as a leader at any stage. 
  18. [43:20] How to help a teen grow their leadership skills. 
  19. [44:30] How to balance freedom to learn with safety. 
  20. [46:00] Could parents use social media better to see and nurture leadership potential in their kids?

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