Leaderhood & Parentship

You Don’t Have An Attention Issue: Why Focus Isn’t the Goal

June 20, 2023 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 37
Leaderhood & Parentship
You Don’t Have An Attention Issue: Why Focus Isn’t the Goal
Show Notes

#37 - Are you looking to unlock a more deeply engaged and attentive team? Maybe you feel like you are losing energy switching between all the tasks on your plate? There is a better way. This week, Shane is sharing the secret to moving out of an energy-draining focused state into an energy-replenishing flow state as we discuss the science behind “attention.” He explains the different ways leaders can empower their team to restore their energy after demanding tasks, and strategies to get all team members on the same page with priorities. Then, we flip it to the home and discuss the cost of the age old saying, “pay attention!”

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Show Notes:

  1. [00:30] Our emotional check-ins and what they mean. 
  2. [10:00] How we’re discussing attention today. 
  3. [19:30] How our Cognitive Colour affects how we experience attention. 
  4. [23:20] How to manage your own attention and guide your team in our distraction-rich world. 
  5. [26:40] How to flow when everything is a priority. 
  6. [30:55] How can a leader help their team set their focus?
  7. [33:30] Should you multitask?
  8. [37:10] How can leaders focus on both micro and macro organizational needs simultaneously?
  9. [39:00] Why delegating sometimes feels good and sometimes really hard. 
  10. [40:40] What message are we sending our kids when we say ‘pay attention.”
  11. +25 
  12. [45:00] How attention affects how we bond as couples. 
  13. [50:10] How do digital distractions at home affect parent-child relationships?
  14. [52:00] What is ‘inattentional blindness?’

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