Leaderhood & Parentship

What Our Emotions Are Really Telling Us at Work and at Home

June 27, 2023 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 38
Leaderhood & Parentship
What Our Emotions Are Really Telling Us at Work and at Home
Show Notes

#38 - What do we really mean when we say someone is “being emotional?” Why were so many of us taught to “not bring our emotions to work?” Do these views of emotions really serve us and our workplaces? In this episode, Shane and Morgan discuss emotions; from the scientific reason for them, down to the different ways we can use them as leaders to better serve our teams. Then, we flip it to the home and talk about the different ways parents can help their kids understand and develop their emotional intelligence and emotional literacy. 

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Show Notes:

  1. [00:30] Catching up!
  2. [05:00] Today’s topic and why we haven’t defined emotion in this way yet. 
  3. [06:30] The 3 primary components of an emotion. 
  4. [09:30] Do we ‘get emotional’ or are we always ‘emotional?’
  5. [12:30] How does our Cognitive Colour affect how we experience and express emotions as leaders. 
  6. [17:00] How to determine what is a temporary emotional state vs a fundamental behavioural trait. 
  7. [21:05] What does it mean when someone gets referred to as an emotional state (ex: she’s an anxious person)?
  8. [24:40] Emotional intelligence has become a bit of a buzzword. Why is it so critical to Shane?
  9. [26:50] The benefits of being vulnerable as a leader. 
  10. [29:30] Is decision making ever purely logical?
  11. [33:30] Now, Next, Never. 
  12. +30 [34:30] Are emotions contagious?
  13. [37:30] How can leaders notice when teams are emotionally strained and burnout is creeping in?
  14. [39:20] Do we tend to react more emotionally at home?
  15. [46:15] The role emotional validation plays in relationships. 
  16. [49:15] What is emotional first aid?
  17. [51:20] What has helped Shane understand his teen kids’ emotions.
  18. [53:00] How to teach kids about EQ from a young age.

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