Leaderhood & Parentship

Part 1: The 9 Step Framework Top Companies Use to Build Culture

July 04, 2023 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 39
Leaderhood & Parentship
Part 1: The 9 Step Framework Top Companies Use to Build Culture
Show Notes

#39 - Is there such a thing as a “bad” workplace culture? How can you bring your team together to work toward a shared future? What role do leaders play in building culture? In this 2-part series, Shane breaks down the 9 step framework CultureSmith uses to “smith” a culture. First, Shane explains what a culture actually is (a lot of us get this wrong), then we cover the first 4 steps of the framework: Shared Future, the Cognitive Colours, Uncommon Norms, and Emotional Literacy. 

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Show Notes:

  1. [01:30] The Surgeon General’s crusade against loneliness and how it ties into the work CultureSmith does. 
  2. [04:00] How to figure out the health of your workplace culture. 
  3. [06:00] The problem with employee engagement surveys.
  4. [09:00] Where the name “CultureSmith” comes from. 
  5. [10:00] How many people need to work at a company for “culture” to exist?
  6. [13:30] Step 1 of the framework: Shared Future. 
  7. [16:00] Moving from ambiguity to alignment. 
  8. [19:20] Step 2: Identifying your Cognitive Colour. 
  9. [22:30] What if people don’t want a “label?”
  10. [25:45] Why going into this level of depth is important. 
  11. [33:20] Step 3: Uncommon Norms. Getting honest about your company values. 
  12. [42:30] Step 4: Emotional Literacy. 
  13. [47:00] Can other people “make you feel” a certain way?
  14. [52:00] Applying Shared Future at home.
  15. [55:30] Cognitive Colours in the home. 
  16. [1:00:00] Uncommon Norms for families. 
  17. [1:03:00] Emotional Literacy in the home.

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