Leaderhood & Parentship

Why Vulnerability is the Foundation of Effective Leadership

July 18, 2023 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 41
Leaderhood & Parentship
Why Vulnerability is the Foundation of Effective Leadership
Show Notes

#41 - In our most vulnerable episode yet… Just kidding, but we are taking a deep dive into the topic of vulnerability today and how it forms half of the equation needed to produce trust. We start off with an explanation of what vulnerability actually is and then explore how it can be used to strengthen teams. Morgan shares her experience with vulnerability, one many may relate to, and Shane helps break down where her apprehension may be coming from. Shane then explains how vulnerability shows up in the home, and why so often parents and leaders feel that younger people are entitled.  

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Show Notes:

  1. [01:00] A very Yellow-Red catch-up. 
  2. [07:50] The problem with the phrase, “I don’t trust you.”
  3. [10:40] What is vulnerability?
  4. [13:00] What could it mean if we’re apprehensive of being vulnerable?
  5. [15:00] Vulnerability and intimacy. 
  6. [18:30] How each Cognitive-Colour experiences vulnerability. 
  7. [22:40] How vulnerability is understood from both a neuroscience and psychology perspective. 
  8. [28:20] What vulnerability looks like in the workplace. 
  9. [31:20] Vulnerability transforms the way a team functions. 
  10. [35:50] How can a leader encourage vulnerability in the workplace?
  11. [40:00] How can teams use vulnerability to spark positive changes in their workplace? 
  12. [42:40] Sharing vulnerability in the home makes us stronger. 
  13. [45:00] How can parents model vulnerability effectively?
  14. [47:30] Showing enough vulnerability, but not going overboard. 
  15. [52:10] Vulnerability helps families stay true to their values. 

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