Leaderhood & Parentship

How to Increase Accountability in the Workplace

July 25, 2023 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 42
Leaderhood & Parentship
How to Increase Accountability in the Workplace
Show Notes

#42 - Do you find yourself asking people to take accountability at work? Instead, the subtle shift to helping someone account for their choices can have a massive impact. In this episode, Shane breaks down the important of framing accountability from a choice-centric lens and proven strategies to help team members account for their choices. We also talk about the importance of choosing your relationship and accounting for yourself at home. 

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Show Notes:

  1. [00:30] Have you seen Cocaine Bear yet?
  2. [03:50] Why we’re talking about accountability today. 
  3. [06:30] Is accountability about outcomes or choices?
  4. [11:00] How our Cognitive Colours shape how we understand and take accountability. 
  5. [14:00] What percent of the population is each colour type. 
  6. [18:30] What accountability means from both a neuroscience and psychological understanding. 
  7. [20:15] How accountability affects team dynamics. 
  8. [22:30] Issues leaders should watch for with accountability. 
  9. [24:50] The negative connotation around accountability. 
  10. [29:00] What we see in teams where accountability is ignored. 
  11. [33:20] How parents can use accountability as a positive tool for chasing children. 
  12. [39:00] Holding someone accountable vs helping to account.
  13. [41:20] Accountability and couplehood. Obligation vs choice. 
  14. [50:00] The mental energy needed to not trust someone. 

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