Leaderhood & Parentship

Cognitive Colour Spotlight: Yellow

August 01, 2023 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 43
Leaderhood & Parentship
Cognitive Colour Spotlight: Yellow
Show Notes

#43 - Would you describe yourself as go-with-the-flow, visionary, easygoing, creative, and maybe a little petty? It’s possible you’re a Yellow. This episode marks the start of a 4-part series where Shane deep dives into the characteristics and behaviours of each of the four cognitive colours; Yellow, Green, Blue, and Red. Here, learn what makes a Yellow tick both at work and at home, strategies for self-development (if you are a Yellow), and tips for leaders to provide their Yellow team members with an experience that will leave them feeling empowered and fulfilled. 

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Show Notes:

  1. [02:00] Chatting about Substack and email marketing. 
  2. [05:30] Shane’s favourite ChatGPT plugins. 
  3. [07:30] Introducing this new series. 
  4. [09:00] What makes someone a Yellow?
  5. [13:30] What is a Yellow like at work?
  6. [15:15] How does a Yellow communicate?
  7. [16:30] When we’ll switch to our secondary colours. 
  8. [18:00] What role does a Yellow play in a team setting?
  9. [19:30] How Yellows handle problem-solving.
  10. [22:40] How a Yellow’s tendency to focus on the positive influences decision-making. 
  11. [26:40] How Yellows contribute to managing change in an organization.
  12. [27:40] When a Yellow doesn’t follow-through on something, do they feel bad?
  13. [29:30] What situations or environments are particularly stressful for a Yellow?
  14. [33:20] What is a Yellow like as a leader?
  15. [36:10] Famous Yellow leaders.
  16. [36:40] How to manage a Yellow. 
  17. [39:35] Areas Yellows should focus on for self-development.
  18. [41:30] How does a Yellow influence the dynamics at home?
  19. [43:35] How Yellows handle conflicts. 
  20. [45:15] How Yellows contribute to problem solving in a family. 
  21. [46:45] What role does a Yellow play in a family change?

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