Leaderhood & Parentship

Cognitive Colour Spotlight: Green

August 08, 2023 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 44
Leaderhood & Parentship
Cognitive Colour Spotlight: Green
Show Notes

#44 - This week we’re shining a light on everyone’s favourite co-worker: Green. People with Green as their Cognitive Colour tend to be team-oriented, genuine, loyal,  and love to do work in service of others. In this episode, Shane breaks down the common traits a Green will have in the workplace and what CultureSmith is doing to help bring more Greens to the leadership table. We explore what makes someone a Green, why Greens struggle to rise up the ranks in the workplace, how leaders can motivate their Green employees, how Greens can become better self-advocates, and more. 

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Show Notes:

  1. [00:30] Why we’re talking about Greens today. 
  2. [02:40] What makes someone a Green?
  3. [03:20] Does nature or nurture build our Cognitive Colour?
  4. [05:00] Greens, leadership, and the future of work.
  5. [09:00] What are Greens like at work?
  6. [11:00] What role does a Green play in a team setting?
  7. [14:00] How does a Green approach problem solving and decision making?
  8. [17:00] Greens and change. 
  9. [22:50] Environments that are stressful for a Green. 
  10. [25:00] How to motivate a Green. 
  11. [27:30] Common areas Greens should focus on for development. 
  12. [30:00] How do Greens influence the dynamics at home?
  13. [37:30] Something to try with your Green team members this week. 

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