Leaderhood & Parentship

Cognitive Colour Spotlight: Blue

August 15, 2023 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 45
Leaderhood & Parentship
Cognitive Colour Spotlight: Blue
Show Notes

#45 - Conscientious. Rule abiding. Quiet. Reflective. These are some of the qualities that make people with Blue as their Cognitive Colour unique. In this episode, we’re breaking down exactly what it means to be Blue, the assets and liabilities of the colour profile, and things Shane has learned from having a Blue business partner and a Blue wife. Making up just 12-14% of the general popular, Blues can often find themselves on teams where they are the only person with their colour profile, making this episode a must-listen for all leaders. Be sure to listen to all episodes in this series to increase your understanding of the people you work and live with. 

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Show Notes:

  1. [01:00] Football pre-season is here!
  2. [02:40] What makes someone Blue?
  3. [04:50] What Blue is like at work. 
  4. [06:50] How CultureSmith got its name. 
  5. [10:20] How Blues communicate. 
  6. [13:15] What roles Blues play in a team setting. 
  7. [16:30] How Blues approach problem-solving. 
  8. [18:00] How to balance a Blue’s need to question with a need to finish meetings quickly. 
  9. [19:40] How Blues handle decision-making. 
  10. [22:00] How Blues contribute to managing change in an organization. 
  11. [24:30] Getting a Blue out of their internal mindset. 
  12. [26:40] Blues as leaders. 
  13. [28:15] How a leader can motivate a Blue. 
  14. [30:40] Areas Blue can focus on for development at work. 
  15. [35:30] The influence a Blue will have on the dynamics at home. 
  16. [36:30] How a Blue might handle conflict in a family. 
  17. [38:20] Blue and changes in the home. 
  18. [40:20] Stress management in the home for Blue. 

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