Leaderhood & Parentship

Cognitive Colour Spotlight: Red

August 22, 2023 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 46
Leaderhood & Parentship
Cognitive Colour Spotlight: Red
Show Notes

#46 - The Red colour profile makes up only 18% of the general population, but a disproportionate amount of leaders. Motivated and driven, Reds are no strangers to rising quickly in the ranks at work. However, when emotional intelligence training isn’t present, Reds can come across as harsh and strict. In this episode we touch on the assets and liabilities of the Red colour-profile, self-inflicted stress, the pressure to perform, differentiating between a need for power versus a need for control, taking on emotional labour, codependency, and more. Shane also shares a story about the best leader he’s ever met. 

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Show Notes:

  1. [02:20] Why does Shane teach the Colours in this order?
  2. [05:00] What classifies somebody as Red?
  3. [06:10] What are Reds like at work?
  4. [08:00] How do Reds communicate and would they ever be chatty in the workplace?
  5. [12:00] How Reds feel about titles at work. 
  6. [15:00] The key distinction between wanting control and wanting power. 
  7. [16:20] How Reds approach problem-solving. 
  8. [18:25] How Reds handle decision-making. 
  9. [22:30] How Reds contribute to managing change in an organization. 
  10. [27:30] How Reds handle stress and coping techniques to try. 
  11. [29:00] What Reds are like as leaders. 
  12. [30:35] The best leader Shane has ever met. 
  13. [33:55] How can leaders motivate a Red?
  14. [34:35] Common areas Reds should focus on for self-development. 
  15. [35:15] How Reds influence the dynamics at home. 
  16. [37:00] Reds and conflicts in a family. 
  17. [40:30] The role a Red will play in a family transition or change. 

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