Leaderhood & Parentship

Strategies to Eliminate Loneliness In Your Team

September 05, 2023 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 48
Leaderhood & Parentship
Strategies to Eliminate Loneliness In Your Team
Show Notes

#48 - CultureSmith Inc. is on a crusade to eliminate loneliness in the workplace. This year, the Surgeon General in the U.S. announced that we are experiencing an epidemic of loneliness. This is the first time an emotion has been declared at the heart of a health crisis. Why? It turns out experiencing loneliness at a high level can have profound, physiological impacts on the body. So what can you do to recognize this emotion in your team and help put an end to it? We dive into that and more in this episode. 

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Show Notes:

  1. [00:30] Catching up on a busy Q3. 
  2. [04:00] Why CultureSmith Inc. is on a crusade against loneliness. 
  3. [06:30] Why some people feel lonelier when they’re around others. 
  4. [07:45] The clinical definition of loneliness.
  5. [09:10] The physiological impacts of loneliness. 
  6. [14:10] What Shane is hearing from leaders about loneliness in the workplace. 
  7. [18:30] How you’ll experience loneliness based on your Cognitive Colour. 
  8. [19:30] How the type of work we assign to people affects loneliness. 
  9. [26:00] How can leaders notice loneliness in their team and combat it?
  10. [28:20] Leadership isolation. 
  11. [33:30] How we experience loneliness in the home. 
  12. [40:25] Loneliness as a parent vs as a partner. 
  13. [45:30] How single people and people without kids can combat loneliness outside of work. 

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