Leaderhood & Parentship

The Surprising Benefit of Entitled Employees

September 12, 2023 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 49
Leaderhood & Parentship
The Surprising Benefit of Entitled Employees
Show Notes

#49 - Do you feel like there has been an increase in unreasonable asks at work? It’s likely coming from entitlement – but before you take that term and run with it, it’s important to understand what entitlement actually is. In the first 10-minutes of this episode, Shane debunks the common misunderstandings about entitlement. Then, we discuss what entitlement actually points to and how leaders can identify and approach the response from an emotionally intelligent lens. Shane shares dos and don’ts for leaders noticing entitlement in their team, thoughts around work-from-home, and the importance of avoiding blanket statements. Then, we flip it to the home and talk about entitlement in families, couples, and between partners. 

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Show Notes:

  1. [00:40] Some thoughts about camping. 
  2. [03:30] Why we’re talking about entitlement today. 
  3. [05:10] Is entitlement bad?
  4. [08:35] What we’re getting wrong about entitlement. 
  5. [11:10] Who won’t show up as entitled. 
  6. [15:10] How our Cognitive Colour affects our experience with entitlement.
  7. [21:00] Dos and don’ts if you’re noticing entitlement in your team.
  8. [27:10] What it means to be in a choice-centric economy. 
  9. [30:40] Should leaders be trying to prevent entitlement?
  10. [33:20] How to identify when you’re the one acting entitled. 
  11. [36:40] At home, what triggers entitlement?
  12. [40:10] How entitlement shows up as a parent vs as a partner. 
  13. [42:00] How entitlement at the home affects it at work. 
  14. [44:00] Last thoughts on this topic. 

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