Leaderhood & Parentship

Leaders Need to Lean Into Anger in the Workplace

September 26, 2023 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 51
Leaderhood & Parentship
Leaders Need to Lean Into Anger in the Workplace
Show Notes

#51 - Has there been more anger in the world over the past few years? How about in the workplace? In a way, we’ve lost practice with how to interact with each other in space, and this is becoming increasingly apparent as companies continue to roll out return-to-office plans. In this episode, we start off by explaining the definition of anger. We then walk through the spectrum of anger, how to help someone experiencing anger, if “anger issues” are really that prevalent, and how the emotion shows up at the workplace. Shane shares the surprising answer to which Cognitive Colour gets the angriest, examples of expressing vs withdrawing in anger, how to help team members be more vocal, and more. Then, we flip it to the home and discuss how anger shows up differently in our personal relationships. 

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Show Notes:

  1. [00:30] Why we’re talking about today. 
  2. [03:00] The unique characteristics of anger.
  3. [04:30] How the pandemic affected our collective anger. 
  4. [05:45] The definition of anger. 
  5. [07:45] Why do we annoy people?
  6. [10:30] How our Cognitive Colour impacts how we experience anger. 
  7. [14:50] Dos and don’ts for leaders noticing anger in their team. 
  8. [17:00] An example of how anger may look in the workplace. 
  9. [21:00] How leaders can model healthy anger. 
  10. [25:00] How anger shows up differently in the home. 
  11. [28:10] Expressing anger as a parent vs as a partner. 
  12. [34:00] Why Reds and Yellows can be the most sensitive.
  13. [35:20] How to teach kids about anger. 

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