Leaderhood & Parentship

The Power of a Conscious Confrontation

October 10, 2023 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 53
Leaderhood & Parentship
The Power of a Conscious Confrontation
Show Notes

#53 - Does the word “confrontation” evoke some feelings in you? Maybe negative ones? A confrontation doesn’t need to be a negative thing, but so many people avoid them because they don’t know how to have them effectively. In this episode, we’re breaking down the stereotypes and misinformation about confrontations. We discuss what a confrontation actually is, how it differs from a conflict or a fight, positive confrontations, and how to do this consciously at the workplace. Shane explains why conscious confrontation don’t have to be nice to still be safe, and how to have them in the moment. We also break down what this looks like in the home. 

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Show Notes:

  1. [01:20] The difference between a conflict and a confrontation. 
  2. [03:40] What workplaces need in place in order to have effective confrontations. 
  3. [10:25] How a confrontation differs from an awkward conversation. 
  4. [11:30] You only get so many chances to win. 
  5. [12:35] Can conscious confrontations exist digitally? 
  6. [14:40] Dos and don’ts.
  7. [18:40] Do jobs still train people?
  8. [21:50] How our Colour affects our experience with confrontation. 
  9. [28:40] We all work for creative organizations these days. 
  10. [31:40] Tips to bring conscious confrontation into the workplace. 
  11. [33:55] How CultureSmith Inc. structures sprints for clients. 
  12. [36:40] How to have a confrontation at work.
  13. [39:40] Flipping things to the home, what a conscious confrontation might look like there.
  14. [45:20] Something to try this week. 

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