Leaderhood & Parentship

How to Repair a Wounded Relationship

November 14, 2023 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 58
Leaderhood & Parentship
How to Repair a Wounded Relationship
Show Notes

#58 - How do you know when a relationship needs repair? And if it does, what can you even do to fix things? In this episode, Shane walks through the 3 phases of relationship repairs. He begins by explaining the “toxic triangle” and how it is used to create an imbalance in power. Then, he explains the role it plays in relationships and quickly runs through the 5 types of power. After, he explains in-depth the 3 phases needed to repair relationships both at the workplace and in the home. 

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Show Notes:

  1. [00:40] What inspired this episode’s topic. 
  2. [04:00] How to know if a relationship needs to be repaired.
  3. [05:30] The Toxic Triangle and how it relates to relationships. 
  4. [09:45] How this ties into relationships.
  5. [10:50] The 5 types of power. 
  6. [23:30] Which phase do we start with to repair a relationship?
  7. [28:30] Managing insecurity in a relationship. 
  8. [32:50] How to know a relationship is worth repairing vs falling to toxic positivity. 
  9. [35:00] Applying this in the home. 

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