Leaderhood & Parentship

The Key Distinction Between Leaders and Managers

November 21, 2023 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna
Leaderhood & Parentship
The Key Distinction Between Leaders and Managers
Show Notes

#59 - There’s this perception that anyone who wants to be a leader needs to be a manager. Or that managers naturally will become leaders. In this episode, Shane breaks down the reality of these two distinct roles and why they don’t exist on a linear trajectory. Shane explains the method CultureSmith Inc. uses to identify leadership and management traits in employees and how they help companies fill their leadership gaps. On the home front, Shane answers the question, “is there such thing as a born leader?” If you’re unsure which roles you need at your organization, or which role is right for you, this episode is a must-listen. 

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Show Notes:

  1. [00:30] Shane doesn’t have a cozy season. 
  2. [02:00] Personalities and falling into misinformation funnels. 
  3. [07:00] Getting employees to make an emotional investment in a company. 
  4. [15:00] Into today’s topic: distinguishing between managers and leaders. 
  5. [19:15] You might not want to be a leader.
  6. [22:00] Why delegation can be such a challenge for employees moving to new roles. 
  7. [24:00] Common misconceptions between the two roles. 
  8. [27:40] Does management and leadership exist on a spectrum?
  9. [30:00] Are certain Cognitive Colours more present in management vs leadership and vice versa?
  10. [36:00] What can companies do to notice emerging leaders better?
  11. [41:00] Should people be shifting between leadership and management?
  12. [47:00] How does this apply in the home?
  13. [51:00] Is there such thing as a “born leader?”

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