Leaderhood & Parentship

How to Effectively Transition a Manager Into a Leader

November 28, 2023 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 60
Leaderhood & Parentship
How to Effectively Transition a Manager Into a Leader
Show Notes

#60 - If you are a manager looking to make the transition to a leader, or a company looking to add current managers to your leadership team, this episode is for you. Recently, CultureSmith Inc. has seen an increasing need for companies to shift their managers into leadership positions. But, he cautions against only positioning this change as a positive. We have deep identity ties to our roles that can be disrupted when we make a role change. Undergoing a process framed by emotional intelligence helps facilitate a smooth(er) transition. In this episode, Shane breaks down the process CultureSmith Inc. uses to help managers move in a meaningful way to a leadership role. He first shares the differences between the two roles (and how one isn’t better than the other), strategies to determine if a role change is a good fit, and finishes by walking through the 6-step process CultureSmith Inc. uses to make the transition. Then, we flip it to the home and talk about adolescent identity and the challenges of discovering who you are. 

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Show Notes:

  1. [00:45] Fighting against the iCloud. 
  2. [04:15] Breaking down this episode’s topic. 
  3. [09:00] When would a company want to help a manager become a leader?
  4. [12:15] Demographic shifts in the workforce and the need for leaders. 
  5. [17:45] What to do if someone wants to be a leader but the company doesn’t think it’s the right choice. 
  6. [21:15] The process to take someone from manager to leader. 
  7. [24:45] The 3 phases required to shift someone’s identity. 
  8. [34:45] How the Cognitive Colours affect the shift from manager to leader. 
  9. [41:15] Warrior vs diplomat. 
  10. [44:35] Managing your personal identity as your shift to leader.
  11. [46:45] Turning this to the home, a deep dive into the challenges with adolescent identity. 

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