Leaderhood & Parentship

How to Perform a Transformational 360 Review

December 05, 2023 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 61
Leaderhood & Parentship
How to Perform a Transformational 360 Review
Show Notes

#61 - If you’ve been listening for some time, you’ve likely heard Shane mention the enormous impact a 360 review had on his life and career. But, what we haven’t discussed is how these reviews are performed. This episode breaks that process down. First, we talk about a negative podcast review we got (this review was removed by the poster before this episode aired) as an example of feedback. Then, we transition into the role of 360 reviews and why they’re a crucial way for leaders to get feedback. Shane explains what a 360 review is, why they are important to do, how to tell when it isn’t appropriate, and the common challenges companies face when doing these reviews. Then, we flip it to the home and talk about the synergy created when leaders are reviewed both at their work and as parents. 

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Show Notes:

  1. [00:40] A discussion around reviews and providing effective feedback. 
  2. [02:45] Using feedback as punishment.
  3. [08:00] Why CultureSmith Inc. insists that behavioural frameworks are connected to emotion. 
  4. [13:00] What is a 360 review?
  5. [14:50] Why a 360 is so important to do. 
  6. [20:00] When a 360 review is not appropriate. 
  7. [25:40] Common challenges companies face when doing these reviews. 
  8. [28:00] Who should request the 360 review?
  9. [34:15] The steps Shane uses to run a 360 review with a client. 
  10. [38:00] Why CultureSmith Inc. uses sensory questions (and what that means). 
  11. [41:00] How our Cognitive Colours affect us both as reviewers and reviewees. 
  12. [52:30] Similarities and differences between 360 reviews in the workplace and at home. 
  13. [58:40] Challenges with trying this in both environments. 
  14. [1:00:30] Key takeaways from this episode. 

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