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Top 6 “Aha” Moments of 2023

December 19, 2023 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna
Leaderhood & Parentship
Top 6 “Aha” Moments of 2023
Show Notes

#63 - Over this past year there were 6 key occasions that changed the way Shane and CultureSmith Inc. framed coaching. Inspired by clients, Shane’s own experiences, and stories, this episode breaks down these 6 “aha” moments in easy to understand terms for quick application. From incorporating sensory language, to using storytelling as an accountability driver, consider this your emotional intelligence trend report for 2023. 

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Show Notes:

  1. [00:40] Where New Year’s resolutions come from. 
  2. 08:00] How CultureSmith Inc. has started incorporating key podcast episodes into client onboarding. 
  3. [09:00] About today’s topic: The top “aha” moments of 2023. 
  4. [15:00] Are there any patterns in this “aha” moments?
  5. [18:30] The first “aha” moment: Recognizing your different identities as a leader. 
  6. [31:30] The second “aha” moment: Some of us are wired for connection, others for contribution.
  7. [41:25] The third “aha moment: Sensory language. 
  8. [48:50] The fourth “aha” moment: Environmental hygiene. 
  9. [56:50] The fifth “aha” moment: Using storytelling to drive accountability. 
  10. [1:02:30] The sixth “aha” moment: Have to do vs Get to do. 
  11. [1:11:30] Key takeaways from this episode. 
  12. [1:13:00] About our holiday break and what to expect in January. 

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