Leaderhood & Parentship

How You Became Your Cognitive Colour

January 09, 2024 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 64
Leaderhood & Parentship
How You Became Your Cognitive Colour
Show Notes

#64 - Welcome back, and happy new year! For our first episode of 2024, we’re diving into the anatomy of the Cognitive Colours. What needed to happen for you to become your specific behavioural profile (both good and bad)? Shane starts by explaining why he’s hesitated about sharing this information; then, we explore what this topic offers for listeners as a missing link behind their behavioural patterns.

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Show Notes:

  1. [00:40] Chit chat around the holidays and why Shane writes his obituary every year. 
  2. [03:30] Shane’s word of the year for 2024 and reflecting on his 2023 choice.
  3. [11:30] What we’ll be covering in this episode. 
  4. [13:20] Why Shane has been reluctant to share this. 
  5. [15:40] Why this information is the missing link for so many people. 
  6. [17:00] How to mitigate the emotional risk around discussing our pasts. 
  7. [22:45] What is the foundation of a colour.
  8. [26:40] The 4 identities the CultureSmith system focuses on. 
  9. [31:00] Where interaction (relational, transactional) and orientation (inward, outward) comes from. 
  10. [39:30] Level 1: your traits, aka the needs and fears of each cognitive colour.
  11. [47:00] How to overcome unmet needs and fears. 
  12. [49:40] Level 2: our shortcuts for making quick decisions. 
  13. [56:15] Level 3: your intrinsic motivation. 
  14. [1:01:10] Level 4: a mix of things. 
  15. [1:04:20] How to use this framework to address common issues at work. 
  16. [1:08:20] Taking this to the home. 

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