Leaderhood & Parentship

Breaking Down the Leadership Messaging Framework

January 23, 2024 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 66
Leaderhood & Parentship
Breaking Down the Leadership Messaging Framework
Show Notes

#66 - 93% of human communication is non-verbal. In a world where we increasingly work online, almost 100% of communication now doesn’t work for us. We can’t read body language or tone over messaging apps and people love to lean on workplace cliches. Intentional communication is more important than ever. In this episode, Shane breaks down CultureSmith’s Leadership Messaging Template and how it helps to eliminate confusing goals and feedback. This template standardizes leadership communication and allows leaders to get their message across clearly, every time. 

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Show Notes:

  1. [00:50] Thoughts around time feeling so fast lately. 
  2. [04:30] About this episode’s topic. 
  3. [08:25] Why it’s important to standardize leadership communication.
  4. [11:20] Major causes of miscommunication at work and how this helps prevent them.
  5. [15:15] The components of this framework. 
  6. [20:40] The philosophical problem. 
  7. [24:00] The empathy side. Principle 1: Liking
  8. [26:00] Principle 2: Reciprocity. 
  9. [31:00] Principle 3/4: Authority and Social Proof. 
  10. [35:00] The execution side. Principle 1/2: Task Conflict and Sensory Language. 
  11. [44:00] What if you don’t know how to do an employee’s job?
  12. [46:40] The action side. Principle 1/2: Consistency and Scarcity. 
  13. [50:50] Is this framework something to use in the home?
  14. [53:00] Common leadership clichés Shane is trying to eliminate from the workplace. 

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