Leaderhood & Parentship

What Does It Cost You to Be Kind?

January 30, 2024 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 67
Leaderhood & Parentship
What Does It Cost You to Be Kind?
Show Notes

#67 - What does it cost you to be kind? No, really. There is a cost associated with kindness that often we aren’t willing to pay. Why? That’s the focus of this episode. Shane first breaks down the defining components of kindness. Then, we explore why kindness is important, how it is viewed in both neuroscience and psychology, and common misconceptions leaders have about kindness. Shane explains why kindness needs to go both ways in the workplace (it is not only the responsibility of the leader) and how our actions can be perceived so differently from our intentions. We close the episode with a discussion around kindness in the home and a teaser on how this all relates to our next episode: Cruelty. 

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Show Notes:

  1. [00:35] Thoughts on the cold weather in Calgary and catching up on how January is going. 
  2. [03:30] Shane’s question about email marketing. 
  3. [08:30] Getting into today’s topic: Kindness. 
  4. [10:30] A simple, tactical definition of kindness. 
  5. [13:30] Self vs social rewards. 
  6. [16:10] How does each Cognitive Colour experience kindness?
  7. [23:10] How kindness is viewed from neuroscience and psychology. 
  8. [26:00] The biggest misconception leaders have about kindness. 
  9. [32:00] Examples of how our actions are perceived so differently. 
  10. [37:45] Comparing a team where kindness is optimized vs not. 
  11. [40:30] Barriers individuals face with kindness. 
  12. [50:30] Kindness at the home vs the workplace. 
  13. [52:30] Misconceptions about kindness from a parenting perspective. 
  14. [56:20] Key takeaways from this episode and the show overall. 
  15. [60:20] How this ties to next week’s episode: cruelty. 

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