Leaderhood & Parentship

The Surprising Solution to Burnout

February 20, 2024 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 69
Leaderhood & Parentship
The Surprising Solution to Burnout
Show Notes

#69 - A lack of motivation, increased negativity about the self and others, a lack of pride in work… These are all common symptoms of burnout that we’ve normalized in today’s society. And, we don’t need to. In this episode, Shane breaks down what burnout is, which industries it shows up most in, how leaders can determine if an employee is facing burnout, and how to remedy the condition based on your Cognitive Colour. 

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Show Notes:

  1. [00:30] Shane’s taking a new course at Harvard!
  2. [06:15] The Morgan Berna Award. 
  3. [07:30] Why we’re talking about burnout today. 
  4. [11:40] How CultureSmith views burnout. 
  5. [17:15] Is burnout more physical or emotional?
  6. [18:10] Which industries Shane see burnout in the most. 
  7. [23:00] What leaders should watch for to determine an employee is facing burnout. 
  8. [25:50] The remedy for burnout based on your Cognitive Colour. 
  9. [40:00] Why Shane no longer talks to leaders about motivation. 
  10. [47:30] What to focus on when you’re feeling burnt out. 
  11. [50:20] How burnout looks at work vs at home. 
  12. [57:20] Things parents can teach their kids to help them avoid burnout. 

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