Leaderhood & Parentship

The Secret to Lasting Happiness at Work

March 05, 2024 Shane Wallace & Morgan Berna Episode 71
Leaderhood & Parentship
The Secret to Lasting Happiness at Work
Show Notes

#71 - Welcome back! This week we’re talking about the science of happiness. First, we banter about marketing trends and how they relate to Shane’s work with leaders. Then, we dive into what the “science” of happiness is. Can happiness really be measured? Is it what we think it is? What does it mean for those of us who don’t experience it deeply? And, can it be disordered? Then, Shane breaks down the key distinction between eudaemonic and hedonic happiness. 

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Show Notes:

  1. [00:30] Updates on how Morgan’s Trend Report performed. 
  2. [04:00] Some of our favourite podcasts. 
  3. [09:35] Are brands afraid of nicheing down?
  4. [11:00] Getting into today’s main topic: The Science of Happiness. 
  5. [13:00] Why pain is required for happiness. 
  6. [17:00] What is the science of happiness?
  7. [20:00] What is happiness?
  8. [23:00] Happiness vs contentment and what happens for high achievement oriented people. 
  9. [29:50] The day Shane gave up golf.
  10. [31:50] What is the “science” component of happiness. 
  11. [33:15] Normal happiness vs disordered thinking. 
  12. [37:00] Explaining the terms we’ll be discussing on next week’s episode. 
  13. [40:10] Eudaemonic vs hedonic happiness. 
  14. [42:00] Why authenticity is critical for happiness.

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