The High Impact Athletes Podcast

Hugo Inglis - 3-Time Olympian Field Hockey Player

June 23, 2022 High Impact Athletes Episode 2
The High Impact Athletes Podcast
Hugo Inglis - 3-Time Olympian Field Hockey Player
Show Notes

Hugo is a triple Olympian and a veteran of the New Zealand Black Sticks hockey team. He has been considered one of the best hockey players in the world, and vice-captained the NZ team at the Tokyo Olympics.
Hugo is one of HIA’s earliest pledgers, and after receiving his MBA with distinction from the Heriot-Watt Edinburgh Business School he worked in business development with Lever Room and banking with ANZ, New Zealand’s largest bank.
He also has experience with startups, founding a sustainability based company called Borrowed Goods.

In this episode, Hugo and Dylan discuss:
• Hockey origin story
• What Hugo attributes his success in sport to
• What has sport brought into his life
• Fondest sporting memory: Rio 2016 and finding perspective
• Worst sporting memory and how to construct meaning from experiences
• Charitable journey - Maslow's hierarchy
• How HIA changed his approach to giving - addressing scepticism with research research
• Finance background helps to understand effective giving. The idea of ROI - thinking about
• How to optimise training/investments and transferring that framework to charity
• How donating and pledging adds meaning to your career - win or lose, you make a difference
• Most important issue in the world
• What we can do to combat overstimulation, and the importance of quiet
The hedonic treadmill
• How one person can create change in the world 
• How do you consider future generations?
• Quick-Fire