The Broad Beta Podcast

Holding Uncertainty: An Interview with Darcy Chenoweth

February 09, 2024 Season 2 Episode 19
The Broad Beta Podcast
Holding Uncertainty: An Interview with Darcy Chenoweth
Show Notes

Our guest today is Darcy Chenoweth - a multitalented woman who grew up in Colorado and has spent much of her adult life thus far in and around Missoula, Montana. Darcy is one of those widely admired unicorns who combines pre-social media badassery and a mastery of good ole blue collar climbing with an authentic depth of character and genuine curiosity about the natural world around her. We love Darcy for her raw willingness to share her emotional experience as it relates to relationships and climbing.

Darcy has a background in ER nursing and wilderness medicine curriculum development, and as a professional artist. She is currently studying to become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with a plan to focus on secondary trauma for rescue workers, healthcare providers, and mountain athletes. She works for the Responder Alliance providing resources for clinicians to prevent or address psychological stress injuries. She has also been involved with Mountain Muskox, a Canadian organization that provides facilitated group work for those who have experienced loss or trauma in the mountains. Last but not least, she is a boy-mom to 6-year-old Wolfgang.

In December of last year, Broad Beta held the BroadCast event at the Bozeman Ice Festival. The BroadCast is a night of slideshow presentations, and Darcy presented there about an expedition in Pakistan. Her photos and anecdotes were about so much more than climbing. She talked about partnerships in the mountains, vulnerability in relationships, holding uncertainty, and in the midst of it all still moving forward and making growth-oriented changes in her life.

Check out Darcy's ceramics and occasional musings at @studiochenoweth on Instagram.
Hosted by Cat Coe and Jeannie Wall
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