October 03, 2022 Stephen Season 1 Episode 13
Show Notes

Today we will be chatting with Ian and Sentia of

Sentia works with energy in healing, awakening and art. She combines techniques and teachings acquired from a diverse spectrum of lifetimes to create new potent possibilities to assist us in healing and transformation. She tells us that we are the Magicians in our own lives with endless creational possibilities at our fingertips. Magic is Alchemy. Alchemy is Transformation/Change and Change always starts from within. “There is no other way but the one through our own Hearts, in deep Love and Compassion”.
Sentias passion is to assist us on our Ascension journey and to offer healing sessions with deep, clearing energy. The art and jewellery she creates work like energetic keys that opens up and allows for deeper healing and profound transformation.

Ian is an “Energy Artist and writer living and working with Sentia.  He uses the heat of the Sun, the touch of a warm hand and the light of day to create art and words that are literally one thing then another. Ian believes his art is a gift, a repayment for past traumas. Handed to him as a catalyst to step into a world of colour.
He creates written pieces based on his own experiences as both a soldier and an abused child, written in a way that others relate to. A large part of his written work is on driftwood “Because we are all driftwood. We all experience storms and unplanned journeys, and just like driftwood, we will all be reshaped and we will all find peace. That is an absolute fact.”
Along with Sentia he creates art that will harness the light of day, and push it out as beautiful light when its dark. “Because no one should be in the dark without a glimmer of light”

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This Day I honor the best in you and the best in me and I wish you peace.

Ian Haycroft, kinesiologist, mentor and counsellor and Stephen Altair, author, mystic and meditation teacher discuss the power of conscious communities and our noble purpose.  The Wisdom Path process is to pause, be aware, connect and serve each other. 

THIS DAY INTERVIEWS: feature leaders of noble communities making our world a better place.

THIS DAY CONTEMPLATIONS: This ability to pause, be aware, connect and serve are natural skills that you can cultivate. Ian and Stephen guide you into these natural, effortless practices through awareness to help create and actualize your dreams and goals in life each week. These practices can be adapted for any opportunity or potential you wish to access.

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