February 14, 2023 Stephen Season 1 Episode 17
Show Notes

Lawrence Mitchell is the Founder of Finding EQUILIBRIUM and the CEO of Wellbeing at Work APAC. He brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and intuition to all of his clients, gained from a background in corporate and entrepreneurial leadership in fast changing environments which gave him plenty of opportunity to put the wellbeing tools to the test!

Since moving to Australia from the UK in 2016, Lawrence's focus has been on helping others to live a more holistic life in balance, effectively building a bridge between the past and the future, the east and the west, the large and the small.  As part of this, he organises the annual Wellbeing at Work Summits in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and Bangalore; hosts the Finding EQUILIBRIUM Podcast;  Edits  the EQUILIBRIUM Magazine, and has written three books including: Success without Stress: How to Prevent Burnout and Build Resilience for Optimal Health and Performance.

This Day I honor the best in you and the best in me and I wish you peace.

Ian Haycroft, kinesiologist, mentor and counsellor and Stephen Altair, author, mystic and meditation teacher discuss the power of conscious communities and our noble purpose.  The Wisdom Path process is to pause, be aware, connect and serve each other. 

THIS DAY INTERVIEWS: feature leaders of noble communities making our world a better place.

THIS DAY CONTEMPLATIONS: This ability to pause, be aware, connect and serve are natural skills that you can cultivate. Ian and Stephen guide you into these natural, effortless practices through awareness to help create and actualize your dreams and goals in life each week. These practices can be adapted for any opportunity or potential you wish to access.

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