Elle Potential
Self-discipline: the greatest act of self-love and self-respect
Self-discipline: the greatest act of self-love and self-respect 13:02 Why not caring is your ticket to freedom 16:12 S4 INTRO: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable 19:38 Season 3 Recap: How to keep showing up in your power in a new environment 10:30 Meet Natasha Ferguson, First Lady of Construction and Founder of EthelFox Construct and AWW 1:10:29 Meet Tali Kogan, Style Queen and Founder of Tel Aviv Couture & Sweet Dome Chicago Foundation 50:41 Meet Sira Garib, Celebrity Vegan Baker and Owner of Pure Vegan Cakes 1:31:43 Meet Lauren Amour, Rising Pop Star and Songwriter 1:02:51 Meet the Founders of Au Natural: Christina, Erika, and Rebecca 46:33 The CHAT about courage.. and releasing control. 13:35 Meet Noushin Ehsan, International Architect 1:03:57 You get what you focus on .. so which is it, your gap or your gain?! 13:36 New Years Resolutions, a fad? 17:38 Audacity to be Queen 23:47 Season 2 Finale: with my Sister, Sydney. Our Experience with Grief & Navigating During the Holidays 58:28 Your End of the Year Pep Talk 14:21 Meet Sabrina Johnson, 22-Year-old Commercial Airline Pilot and Flight Instructor 54:32 Meet Stella Avetisyan, Founder of ManeMethod 49:03 Struggling to reach your goals? 16:18 Meet Chrissy Joy, Celebrity Dog Trainer and Studio Animal Trainer for Commercial/TV/Print/Film 58:47 Meet Kelly Helfman, C-Level Fashion Event Executive and Industry Expert 55:54 Meet the Salty Locks Sisters, Boho Britt & Amber Harrington Carraway 1:16:41 Meet Cindy Rodriguez, Founder of Elimu Girls 1:11:21 Intro into Season 2! 13:23 Season 1 Recap with your Host, Brittany 21:06