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Menopause Support - Cells, Organs and Whole Person Health with Rochelle Waite

April 19, 2023 Andrew Whitfield-Cook
Natural Medicine Podcast
Menopause Support - Cells, Organs and Whole Person Health with Rochelle Waite
Show Notes

Rochelle Waite has a different take on supporting women through the perimenopausal period. Instead of reaching first for "women's herbs", Rochelle instead goes back to grass roots Naturopathic principles.
With Masters in Immunology, Reproductive Medicine and Women's Health Medicine she is perfectly placed to make practical recommendations to maintain her patients' enjoyment of life as they transition through perimenopause.
Her reasoning? If cells aren't properly nourished then organs can't function efficiently, and if they don't work then herbs which ostensibly work on those organs could be thwarted.
Working with basic nutrition and digestive enhancement, Rochelle brings about rejuvenation from the ground up to avoid unnecessary supplementation and hence improved compliance from her common sense approach.
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