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Physical Examination after COVID lockdown with Katie Barron

June 25, 2023 Andrew Whitfield-Cook
Natural Medicine Podcast
Physical Examination after COVID lockdown with Katie Barron
Show Notes

Throughout your clinical career, physical assessments will be integral in crystallising a naturopathic diagnosis and directing care. Many assessments seem mundane (the expert clinician will often appraise their patients subconsciously), but done correctly and with cognisance they can reveal hidden pathology that is often missed by those who skip them . Take Blood Pressure (BP), for instance. It is one of the cardinal vital signs along with pulse, respirations and temperature, but how often do we repeat these measurement in our patients? But let's not stop at the usual medical assessments. What about patients' posture, symmetry, vitality, fingernails, eyes, hair, gait, thyroid palpation...and how much can we attend to all these assessments when consulting remotely? Today Katie Barron takes us through how critical these and other physical assessments can be in choosing the correct course of action and cementing your place as a responsible healthcare professional, not the least of which is referral to appropriate medical care when necessary. Katie is masterful at being present with her patients and she demands excellence in those she tutors.   
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Aetiological Sieve Mnemonic:
See("C") That Italian Vase Now Has Many New Dried Peas In It
(Stands for the initials: C, T, I, V, N, H, M, N, D, P, I, I.)
Possible causes: Congenital, Trauna, Inflammation (Infection or Autoimmune), Vascular, Neoplastic, Hormonal, Musculoskeletal, Nutritional, Drugs, Psychiatric, Idiopathic, Idiosyncratic.
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