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Cancer: Helping Patients to Change Their Focus with Eddie Enever

September 25, 2023 Andrew Whitfield-Cook
Natural Medicine Podcast
Cancer: Helping Patients to Change Their Focus with Eddie Enever
Show Notes

It's not often that you get an expert, orthodox OR functional, who has walked the path of "patient" and so knows that journey intimately. Even more rare is one who has been touched by cancer. Rarer still one who has recovered from recurrence and metastases. Eddie Enever is THAT practitioner. He has had his fair share of ups and downs in life. He's battled with cancer and survived not once, but three times, struggled with anxiety and depression, experienced a marriage break up, and financial demise. He not only survived but now thrives living a life full of deep connection, meaning and purpose. He TRULY knows the stressful journey of those diagnosed with cancer, and indeed how this sinister diagnosis affects not just themselves but their family, friends and indeed their whole social network. 

Eddie was so powerfully moved by his own experience that he now devotes his clinical time to help patients learn the lessons of healing and find meaning to their cancer diagnosis. He has developed a course for patients to help them navigate this tricky web and find their path back to living and loving life. After working with thousands of clients in his role as a health professional, he has developed a unique way of seeing past the facades, drawing out blockages, perceptions and limiting belief systems and empowering his patients to discover their own unique gifts, talents, and power to change their lives. Listen in as we delve into Eddie's journey and his pearls of wisdom for those touched by cancer.

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