Who Knew! Astrology Can be a Guide For Living Your Best Life!
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Happy Hour For The Spiritually Curious Podcast
Who Knew! Astrology Can be a Guide For Living Your Best Life!
May 08, 2022 Season 1 Episode 3
Dr. Sandra Marie/Penny Petys

Episode 3: 

Dr. Sandra Marie welcomes Penny Petys, a passionate Astrologer, who discusses the basics of astrology, including how to use as a guide for living your life.  Astrology can be utilized as a tool to work with through differences rather than creating conflict to manage relationships. Penny shares our energetic frequencies have developed since birth, based on astrological alignments in the Universe which affect our personality, relationships, and societal impacts. Astrology can possibly help to remove blocks almost instantly which may take months or years of traditional therapy although astrology is not meant to replace traditional therapy but can be used as a complementary tool. Astrology is not meant to diminish our gifts of free will, but rather for validation that we are on our destined paths, that our intuition is real, and when we might need a proactive tool.


Dr. Sandra Marie: sandra@wildsoulsgathering.com

Website: wildsoulsgathering.com


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