The (all) Unknowing

Does Cancelled Have One (L) or Two? - Part 1

June 17, 2022 Daniel and Peter Season 1 Episode 5
The (all) Unknowing
Does Cancelled Have One (L) or Two? - Part 1
Show Notes

As “cancel culture” continues to trend, many leaders are championing it and missing the opportunity to create a more unified society. This leads to an increase in division and dissension among citizens and has the potential to result in catastrophic consequences. As a society, we are in need of social reform and must return to true freedom of speech to bring about lasting change. 

Tune in as Daniel and Peter discuss:

  • Why the trend of deconstructing ideas and attacking aspects of culture fails to create a more multi-culturally understanding society
  • What poor leadership at every level is a symptom of within our society
  • How the tendency to dismiss and discriminate against the working class feeds into the divisiveness and tribalism in society.
  • The two things that create an extreme sense of entitlement associated with the “cancel culture” ideology
  • How tribalism, manipulation, and propaganda create a society that is vulnerable to uprisings and increased violence
  • How ignoring reality and objective truths produce the negativity of “cancel culture”
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