The (all) Unknowing

Does Cancelled Have One (L) or Two? - Part 2

June 17, 2022 Daniel R. Curtis and Peter Season 1 Episode 6
The (all) Unknowing
Does Cancelled Have One (L) or Two? - Part 2
Show Notes

The (All) Unknowing Podcast with Daniel Curtis – Cancel Culture Part 2

Daniel continues his discussion on “cancel culture” with Peter by exploring how to counteract many of the negative effects that “cancel culture” has had on how people are treated, how we think, and how we converse with one another in our society. For years, “cancel culture” has aided in quelling free speech and ostracizing individuals and groups who have alternative opinions and beliefs. Teaching the next generation how to think objectively and have disagreements without persecuting others is vital to social stability, at present or in the future.


Tune in as Daniel and Peter discuss:

  • What should be done to people and groups who have extreme social and political viewpoints instead of canceling them
  • How canceling people with extreme views and opinions hinders them from being able to change their ways and have a positive impact on society
  • Why “cancel culture” fails to empower critical and objective thinking
  • How the echo chamber effect in our society influences public policy
  • Why “cancel culture” is a disdain on the tapestry of society
  • Why more forums to have conversations about issues that are impacting our nation are needed
  • The root issue that has caused “cancel culture” to metastasis into a type of cancer within our society
  • The danger of emotional extremism and why it needs to be addressed

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