The (all) Unknowing

Propaganda - The Bane of Society

August 02, 2022 Daniel R. Curtis and Peter Season 1 Episode 10
The (all) Unknowing
Propaganda - The Bane of Society
Show Notes

Propaganda: the impact it has on society and our ability to think freely and make individual decisions. It’s vital first to understand where propaganda comes from and whose agenda it ultimately serves. Unfortunately, many people today have an antiquated perspective of propaganda and are not conscious of the many ways it is being used against them. That’s why people must become aware of the signs that propaganda is being used and impacting them, their loved ones, and the world at large.


Tune in as Daniel and Peter discuss:

  • Five reasons why propaganda is different from free thought
  • Why propaganda is created and who it benefits the most
  • The primary goal of corporate and organizational propaganda and those who fund it
  • Why some publicly elected officials are not working toward fulfilling what is in the best interest of their constituents
  • How propaganda is being used to quash people, free speech, and ideologies that do not support a particular worldview
  • The challenges of identifying current propaganda that is being widely distributed on social media
  • Why major news outlets began to remove the comment section on articles and how it furthers the spread of propaganda
  • The reason propaganda is like the gateway drug to mass genocide
  • A modern-day country that is a perfect example of the impact long-term propaganda can have on a population
  • The role propaganda has played in many historical wars and atrocities globally
  • How notable historical figures used propaganda to manipulate public opinion to further their agendas
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