#28. How to Lose Clients (Or: "Please Don’t Make It So Hard for Me to Buy From You".)
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#28. How to Lose Clients (Or: "Please Don’t Make It So Hard for Me to Buy From You".)
Oct 11, 2022 Episode 28
Wendy Pitts Reeves

Have you ever had a customer service experience that was so bad it was almost funny? (I said almost.)

Just realized as I write this that I could spend an entire hour just talking about cable companies…. but that’s actually not the focus today. :)

Instead, we’re taking a look at how our own clients or potential clients might experience their version of ‘bad customer service’ when working with us, even though you and I both know that’s the last thing we would ever want.

It’s kind of tricky, but turns out there are at least 5 areas - and probably more - where it wouldn’t be hard for a client to have a frustrating experience - with us. 

We’ll cover those 5 areas in today’s episode, and I’ll share an idea for something you could do to avoid those mistakes in your business.

And let me know if you find yourself thinking of ways you could make things SO much easier for your clients. 


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Craft a simple, one page survey that asks your clients a single question for each of the 5 areas covered in the podcast. Issue that survey to all of your active clients at least once or twice a year, and use the feedback to catch problems before they occur. 

You can also use this to identify even small ways that you can make their experience even better.


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