What the Floor Podcast

The future of flooring – PVC Free Flooring

April 27, 2022 Holiday Van Erem & Michael Goria Season 1 Episode 1
What the Floor Podcast
The future of flooring – PVC Free Flooring
Show Notes

This episode of What the Floor focused on PVC Free flooring. What it is and what it isn’t. We talked about why this category is important and how it is going to impact the flooring industry in the future. We also discussed how flooring with PVC impacts our environment and why it’s going to change. We talked specifically about Linoleum flooring from Tarkett, ORCA laminate from KronoFlooring, and Sono Eclipse, Elandura and Moto from InHaus.

Our Walk the Plank segment focused on Luxury Vinyl naming conventions and how ridiculous they are (LV, LVP, LVT, LVS, LT and who knows what else).


Tarkett Linoleum Product Information 

Sono Eclipse & Elandura Product Information 

Moto Product Information  

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