Rebirth of You Podcast for Midlife Men

A Midlife Awakening with Dr. Carol Parker Walsh

December 03, 2022 Duane Leckey Episode 13
Rebirth of You Podcast for Midlife Men
A Midlife Awakening with Dr. Carol Parker Walsh
Show Notes

In this episode of the Rebirth of You Podcast you'll discover:

  • Carol’s Rebirth moment and the journey that followed
  • Some of the unique and shared challenges women face at midlife
  • Why we can't always know in the moment how an event will impact our life
  • How to deconstruct the patterns taught to us by society and culture
  • Why it’s important to take risks and follow your own path in spite of what others believe you should be doing with your life and live in your confidence

Featured On the Show:

Career Rebel Academy:
10-Minute Career Jumpstart for high-achieving women: 
Author, Bell Hooks,:
Author, Patricia Hill Collins:
Movie: The Matrix,

About Our Guest

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh is the founder of the Career Rebel AcademyTM for high-achieving women at midlife ready to overcome the self-doubts and limiting beliefs that keep them designing an epic career and life they love. She’s an award-winning certified career and personal brand strategist, life and executive coach, a TEDx presenter, author, international keynote and member of Forbes Coaches Council and Newsweek’s Expert Forum, and local career expert on AM Northwest Morning Show. Catalyzing transformational growth, confidence, and career/life alignment, Carol leverages her J.D. and Ph.D. and multiple certifications, along with her experience as an attorney, in executive leadership, and psychology and organizational systems to help 6-7 figure successful, driven female professionals and entrepreneurs amplify their visibility and do the meaningful work they’re meant to do in the world without sacrificing their years of success, hard work, and income. 

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