Chez Jandy

How to go TikTok famous by accident

October 16, 2022 Jandy Season 2 Episode 3
Chez Jandy
How to go TikTok famous by accident
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Show Notes

Today on Chez Jandy:

We get TikTok views by accident... 

Andy gets his money back off British gas! 

Two people that were Napoleon in a previous life,

How to crash any Microsoft Laptop with one song, 

Joe messes up again! 

Russia v Equatorial Guinea, 

Bin day is a bloody free-for-all! 

Tap water isn't free in Irish clubs - who knew!

Joe doesn't like speaking to Andy when he phases out, 

Chez Jandy has a new sign! 

Joe goes shopping! 

And... phoning the police over water balloons,

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