Chez Jandy

OUR FIRST GUEST! (we had to cut some stuff)

October 24, 2022 Jandy Season 2 Episode 4
Chez Jandy
OUR FIRST GUEST! (we had to cut some stuff)
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Show Notes

A first for the Chez Jandy podcast!

We welcome Tom to the pod, in a much anticipated episode with our first guest appearance.

On today's episode:

Tom tells us how to run a brewery.

What it's like working for LoveHoney!

Joe gets a telling off for his poor movie knowledge,

How many times did we say the word cut? 

Stinging nettles are cancelled. 

We predict Liz Truss' resignation (perfectly). 

Life achievements debate involving a new dunce hat. 

Andy thinks he can swim? 

James Corden gets grilled. 

Fun flamingos facts flabbergast the boys. 

Joe didn't mess up this time...  

And Listen right to the end for some top bloopers!

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Cheers all - enjoy the pod!  

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