Chez Jandy

Who Said it, Kanye or Hitler?

January 02, 2023 Jandy Season 2 Episode 12
Chez Jandy
Who Said it, Kanye or Hitler?
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Show Notes

Cracking off the new year with a Chez Jandy Episode:

Advice on how to get coursework done,

Ted talks on Procrastination,

Some fantastic world cup predictions (that aged well),

A game of Hitler or Kanye West,

What is Gnoming on the Dark Web? 

Boilers have a Chimney Sweeper mode! 

We rip off Jaackmate... again, 

Joe hates Lidl, 

Andy gets his card details stolen! 

Scientists refuse to believe Platypuses exist, 

Crocodile gender is determined by temperature???

And a final quiz question.

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