Chez Jandy

The Best Business Pitch of 2023

February 17, 2023 Jandy Season 2 Episode 15
Chez Jandy
The Best Business Pitch of 2023
Chez Jandy +
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Show Notes

This week on Chez Jandy: 

How do cats have 9 lives? 

How to tell if you're a psychopath. 

Why don't they have toilet seats in France? 

The worst movie plot of all time (dodgy). 

Andy's awful business idea 24mins in (ish). 

How to annoy Shakira. 

Why the Superbowl is stupid. 

Andy gets grumpy about the 3 fact game... again. 

Why do people go travelling? 

4 hour work week: is it a scam? 


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