Chez Jandy

Which Crimes Should Be Made Legal?

March 05, 2023 Jandy Season 2 Episode 17
Chez Jandy
Which Crimes Should Be Made Legal?
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Show Notes

On tonight’s episode:

Should you make the first offer in a negotiation? 

Will we go to Mars? 

Martians will arrive on Earth in 2050! 

A popularity quiz for Joe…

Why 45 stone giant pigs will be the biggest threat to mankind. 

Does the Eiffel Tower grow 6 inches taller in summer? 

Is there such a thing as bad publicity? 

The drink that turns you yellow! 

The Mason Greenwood scandal. 

Can you marry a dead person in France? 

Are there freeloaders on university campuses? 

Which crimes do you think should be legal? 

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