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PTSP Ep.5-Universal Student Meals

May 12, 2022 Maggie Knowles Season 1 Episode 5
Plate The State Podcast
PTSP Ep.5-Universal Student Meals
Show Notes

Maine is the second state to have passed legislation that school breakfasts and lunches will be free for all students starting Fall 2022. We speak with some of the dedicated people behind the movement to eradicate food insecurity in Maine. 

Our Plate the State TV episode 201 expands on the significant part Full Plates Full Potential played in getting this passed as well as what is being done to feed kids during the summer. 

  • Renee Page is the Executive Director of Healthy Communities of the Capital Area, which includes the Maine Farm to School Networks. She talks about the increase in food insecurity in Maine children and the hard work that passed the Universal Free School Meals legislation. She expands on how special Maine is in incorporating gardening, farm visits and harvest meals into the nutrition programs.
  • Native Maine Produce & Speciality Foods is a food distributor that puts huge emphasis on partnering with farms to get their seconds into local school meals. We speak with Melissa Motejunas who is a passionate advocate for eradicating food insecurity in Maine. She talks to us about what Native Maine does to work towards this mission as well as some future plans to add a processing plant to increase usability and distribution of healthy foods to students. 
  • Students are not the only ones who suffer from food insecurity in Maine. Senior Citizens are also a vulnerable population. We speak with Nancy Ames, owner of Sullivan House Bakery in Gorham who donates a loaf of fresh bread to a hungry senior for each loaf sold. She averages about five loaves of donated bread a day. She also makes it a priority to support local artists with rotating gallery walls and inspires with her story of how “she wore the hat” of owning a bakery and where that took her. 

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