Crow's Feet Podcast
Can Our Minds Makes Us Younger? Yes, says a renowned Harvard Psychologist
Can Our Minds Makes Us Younger? Yes, says a renowned Harvard Psychologist 28:15 Older Workers Rock: Janine Vanderburg Combats Ageism in the Workplace 32:01 Candi Milo: The Voice That Launched a Thousand Cartoons 32:22 Bringing the Sacred into Your Everyday Life with Barbara Biziou 27:52 Patricia Ross: Pianist, Photographer & Psychotherapist on What She’s Learned at 84 28:33 Growing From Loss:  Bereavement Counselor Lenore Guido on The Journey Through Grief to Healing 33:07 Sylvia Mackey, Widow of an NFL Legend, Honors the Love of Her Life -- and Makes the World a Better Place 26:25 Real Life-Changing Magic: When Older Adults and Teens Actually, Like, Connect 29:14 A 68-year old Former Rockette is a Youngster in This Chorus Line 17:50 Caregiver Confessions: Bobbi Carducci Gets Real About the Challenges and Rewards of Caring for a Loved One 27:49 Boobs, Belligerence & Belly Laughs from Amy Sea 16:07 Did You Know Some People Ride Their Bicycles Across the United States? 22:31 Meet the Award-Winning Filmmaker Whose Stars Are Elders 19:45 Don't Sweat It! Staying Physically Fit Doesn't Have To Be Painful or Unpleasant. Just Move. 27:43 Wait! Don’t Sign Away Your House: Meet Orrin Onken, author and retired elder law attorney 29:20 Real Happiness, Loving Sex -- You May Be Surprised How Satisfying Your 80s Can Be 30:10 Why Older People Are Happier and More Creative: An interview with author Priscilla Long 29:02 My Old Ladies: How Women in Their 90s & 100s Inspire Me 24:40 Losing Her Way and Finding Herself on a Spanish Pilgrimage: An elder walks the Camino de Santiago de Compostela 26:39 Everybody Wants to be Heard: Judah Leblang's journey to write, connect, and cope with hearing loss 28:54 To Nashville & Back: A Hit-Song Writer's Story 37:20 Writer Roz Warren Talks About What Happens When Fun is More Important Than Money 20:29 Cartoons, Comedy & Love After 60: An animated conversation with Melanie Chartoff 26:59 Live Long Enough, and You Too May Have a Weird Resumé. An interview with Jan M. Flynn 22:50 "What's for dinner tonight, Grandpa?" Interview with writer Lee J. Bentch 24:10