Perseverantia: Fitchburg State University Podcast Network

FalconCast: Season 1 Teaser

May 11, 2023 Fitchburg State University Season 1 Episode 0
Perseverantia: Fitchburg State University Podcast Network
FalconCast: Season 1 Teaser
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Matt Baier and Nikki McToggart introduce the inaugural season of FalconCast, a podcast that picks the brains of students at Fitchburg State University to explore their advice, adventures, and anxieties.

FalconCast was created, developed & produced during the spring semester 2023 by students in the Podcasting class at Fitchburg State University.  It is the inaugural series in season one of Perseverantia, Fitchburg State’s Podcast Network.

The FalconCast series producers are Matt Baier and Nikki McToggart.  Series Artwork by Nate McKenna.  Music supervision and Sound Mastering by Ryan Gallagher.  Transcriptions supervised and edited by McKenzie Calvao.  Episode Notes edited by Egan Wolford.

Season 1 Episode Producers include students from the Communications Media department:

  • McKenzie Calvao & Nick Castillo (“RA Caitlin”)
  • Matt Baier, Max Eisenhaure, & Jackson Texeira (“Building Blocks”)
  • JJ Catalano, Alan Tadiello, & Egan Wolford (“Becoming a Falcon”)
  • Logan Corrado & Alexander Maggio (“Clubs & Comradery”)
  • Ryan Gallagher & Dalicia Rodriguez (“My Non Biological Brother”)
  • Keyloni Jackson, Nate McKenna, & Nikki McToggart (“Silver Lining”)

Prof. Kevin McCarthy is the Podcasting course instructor and one of the executive producers of Perseverantia.  Questions or comments?  An idea for Season 2 of FalconCast or the Perseverantia network?  Please reach out.

Episode transcript available here.

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FalconCast (S1, Ep0): “FalconCast Teaser”

This season on FalconCast.

A podcast that is meant to pick the brains of attendees at Fitchburg State University.

(Electronic music swells)

MATTHEW: Advice, adventures, and anxieties – all will be covered in FalconCast. This season – made by the Spring class of 2023 – we’ll be hearing from a building manager, 

(Electronic music continues)


MATTHEW: A student athlete,

NIKKI: A film crew, 

MATTHEW: Campus clubs,

NIKKI: And students in greek life.  Join us and listen to their stories.

(Electronic music swells and fades out)