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Pelicans Afoot

August 14, 2022 Will Valentine Season 1 Episode 5
Will's Birdbrain
Pelicans Afoot
Show Notes

Will and Kayta buckle up for a whirlwind roadtrip to Louisiana to see peli-culiar brown pelicans! Along the way they discuss how brown pelicans were critically endangered because of human carelessness when it came to pollution. What does it mean to advocate for conservation, and why are brown pelicans such an important example of the dangers of neglecting the environment? Along the way they also discuss what makes brown pelicans so fascinating, as they are common birds in some places in the USA, but not all over. 

The myth this week is about the Serbian cryptid the Cikavac. Will wrote this tale, based on the fantastic beast, about a lonely woman seeking vengeance from a town with the aid of a magical pelican.  

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