Girl and Her Moon The Podcast
Aligned Success and 2023 Numerology with Natalie Olson
Aligned Success and 2023 Numerology with Natalie Olson 2:38:53 Esoteric Acupuncture, Healing in Community and Reading the Energy Body with Dr. Melanie Milne 1:17:23 Healing with Joy and Gentleness with Sara Brooke 1:10:49 Saturn in Pisces & Saturn Returns with Issa 2:05:26 Creation, Engaging with Reality and Natural Healing with Jordane Maree 30:43 Healing, initiations, growing pains and the collaborative nature of intention and inner purpose with Jordane Maree 21:33 February Astrology with Noush: Your Cosmic Invitations for the month ahead 58:15 Reclaiming the Voice with Dominique Oyston 1:12:02 January Astrology with Issa: Your Cosmic Invitations for the month ahead 1:01:44 2023 Astrology with Issa: A Year of Pivotal Change Points 1:25:53 2023 Numerology with Nat Olson: The year of the Hermit, Mystic & Realm of Spirit 2:18:54 The journey of Girl and Her Moon with Noush 1:32:54 Life as a Mirror & Reality our Greatest Teacher with Jordane Maree 28:19 Eclipse Season Invitations With Issa 1:10:10 Devotion to the human experience, sinking into depth and creating from who we be with Jordane Maree 24:09 The Throat Chakra, Working with the Elements, Dimming your Light and the Divine Human Template with Patti Higgins 1:55:13 Mercury Retrograde, a New Perspective, Planetary Invitations and Creating Life on Purpose with Jordane Maree 24:19 Potential, Dreaming, Possibility & Worth with Jordane Maree 17:40 Evolutionary Astrology Reading, Pluto & The Souls Journey, Saturn Returns & more with Georgia Marcantoni 2:12:25 Human Design, Collective Shifts & Energy Types with Amy Lea 53:49 Creating Spaciousness, Re-meeting Ourselves, Energy Techniques & Surrendering into the Mystery with Jordane Maree 25:33 The Nervous System, Lived Spirituality, Trauma & Emotional Mastery with Marissa Jane 1:38:22 Creating a New Way, Future Generations & Walking your own Path with Jordane Maree 13:41 Exploring Astrology, the GAHM journey, Tracking Cycles & more with Noush Joon 1:07:09 Intention, the Power of Simplicity & the Awe of being Alive with Jordane Maree 15:54