Exploring Pluto in Aquarius: Empowerment, Psyche, Consciousness & Being the Conduit of Change
Girl and Her Moon The Podcast
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Girl and Her Moon The Podcast
Exploring Pluto in Aquarius: Empowerment, Psyche, Consciousness & Being the Conduit of Change
Feb 15, 2024 Season 2 Episode 2

An era-defining shift that we find ourselves in. In January 2024, Pluto re-entered Aquarius where it begins its 20 year dance in the futuristic air sign.

As Pluto moves it stirs much from deep within us. It stirs from within the unconscious. It awakens. It enlivens. It becomes activated by this new terrain that is Aquarius - air, or ether - which is about consciousness. Aquarius is quick energy. Pluto stirs from deep within us and then Aquarius quickens this energy that perhaps hasn’t been looked at in a little while, hasn’t had out presence, attention, love, intimacy - and it does so for the sake of immense transformation.

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