Is success at all costs the reason why you are unhappy? #272
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Is success at all costs the reason why you are unhappy? #272
Mar 14, 2022 Episode 272
Dr. Brad Bellard

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“Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.”

-Tony Robbins


I’m sure he’s not the first person to say or even think this, but he’s one of the most successful to do so. What’s the point of reaching all the goals you set for yourself, only to feel lonely or depressed at the finish line?


This is a common problem for high achievers; especially Type-A individuals. 


Dr. Brad Bellard, who is a mindset and performance coach for men, joins us on this episode to discuss success without personal fulfillment. 


Dr. Brad is an Amazon best-selling author, national speaker, and host of the podcast ELITE PerfoMENce with Dr. Brad addressing topics related to the spiritual, personal, and professional development of men. Dr. Brad is also a double-boarded non-surgical Sports Medicine physician and Regenerative Medicine Specialist. He has worked with multiple professional teams including as assistant team doctor for the NBA Dallas Mavericks and is a regular guest on the Dallas-Fort Worth radio talk show Inside Sports Medicine.


Things we discussed in this episode:

  • How do we succeed without our personal life being neglected
  • Fulfillment is not a by-product of success, it is a precursor to success
  • Is there such a thing as balance
  • His advice for “Hustle Culture”



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